Hot Tools Helix Lightweight Hair Dryer, 1875 Watts, Model 2200

I don’t usually go nuts over something like a hair dryer. I mean, what can you possibly say about a hair dryer? At least that’s what I thought before I purchased the Hot Tools Helix Lightweight Dryer, 1875 Watts, Model 2200. I must admit that I was a bit desperate when I bought it. I am notoriously cheap when it comes to household appliances. I don’t replace them until they fall apart in my hands or explode. My old hair dryer, which I’d had for about six years or so, was right on the verge of dying. As it was, it only worked when the dryer was held at an angle, which was really fun when I was getting ready for work. So I was definitely overdue for buying a hair dryer, and I was used to struggling mightily to get my hair dry in the morning.

Helix Lightweight Hair DryerLet’s cut to the chase here. What’s good about this hair dryer? Well, for starters, it makes my hair look great, and we’re talking “salon great” here, not “oh, look, Anne blew-dry her hair again” great. It has controls that far exceed those I am used to seeing on a hair dryer. When you’re choosing the heat setting, you have “low,” “medium,” “high” and a separate “cool” button; when you’re choosing the speed of the airflow, your choices are “low” and “high.” And all of these controls work super-well. I have no problem envisioning this hair dryer in a salon. It would be a natural tool to have because it works so beautifully.

And its design is brilliant. As its name suggests, it weighs very little, and that’s really helpful when you’re holding the hair dryer above or around your head. It is sleek and streamlined, and the chrome finish feels smooth to the touch. As I was drying my hair one evening the back of the dryer (the circular part near the cord) popped off. I picked the piece off the ground with dismay, only to discover that there was a carefully-designed groove in either side to easily facilitate popping the piece on and off the dryer. It’s there to assist in cleaning any hair or other debris out of the dryer. How brilliant is that? The dryer also comes with a small plastic styling device (which I have not tried yet, but it looks pretty cool) and a fancy cushion-y storage case, which should keep my hair dryer in good shape for some time to come.

Let’s talk price here. I should mention that this hair dryer usually retails for about $79.95. (I snagged this price from Amazon.) However, I bought mine from Costco for $28.99 about a week ago. Knowing Costco, they probably still have huge stashes of them, so I would definitely give them a try first. This hair dryer is a great deal at $79.95, but at $28.99 it’s a steal!

Hey, your day is tough enough without fighting with your hair dryer every morning. If you can swing it, buy the Hot Tools Helix Lightweight Dryer, 1875 Watts, Model 2200, and I can promise you that your hair will be dry a whole lot quicker and you’ll look like you just stepped out of a salon. And your coworkers will be very, very jealous.

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