Lean Cuisine Breakfast Panini: A Review

I just found a healthy new breakfast favorite and it only takes 2 minutes to make. New Lean Cuisine Breakfast Panini from their new breakfast classics line. I discovered this when I was shopping in the frozen food section. There were 2 different kinds and I picked the Denver-Style panini which is scrambled egg whites, honey ham, peppers, onions and cheddar cheese sauce on parmesan flavored multigrain bread. When I first opened the box and took the sandwich out of the wrapper my first thought was that this was going to be a spicy sandwich, in reality, it wasn’t, it just smelled strong. This sandwich was surprisingly better tasting than I expected it to be but then again, I like pretty much all of the Lean Cuisine line of food. What I really liked about this particular panini is the filling, it’s like having an omelet without the hassle of making one. I also liked the taste of the parmesan flavored multigrain bread, although I do have to admit it came out a big soggy and not very well toasted, to be honest I should of looked at the┬ábest panini press cook’s illustrated to see how to grill it properly.

I would definitely buy this again although I was a bit disappointed in the fact that I did taste the bread more than the filling and after a while the filling would fall out and make a mess but that’s what fingers and forks are for. I really like how easy it is to have a healthy breakfast without making such a mess in the kitchen and your panini is done in just 2 minutes. I was also surprised at how good the egg whites tasted, I normally don’t eat egg whites, but with this I’ll make the exception. I couldn’t really taste the ham, peppers or onions but I’m sure they were there among the egg and cheese. Over all I did enjoy this Lean Cuisine Breakfast Panini and can’t wait to try the other flavor.

You can find the Lean Cuisine Breakfast Panini in the frozen food section of your local grocery store, I got mine at my local Wal-Mart. I don’t remember what I paid for it but I’m sure it was reasonable, just like all the other Lean Cuisine foods. It’s definitely worth it and I think this is something even my husband would eat since he enjoys having an omelet every now and then, who doesn’t? Now with new Lean Cuisine Breakfast Panini breakfast just became healthier and a lot tastier.

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